Monday, June 8, 2009

How to make your own tutu!

There are so many ways to make tutus out there!

My friend Emlyn has a fun, unique way here.

This is how I make tied (no sew) tutus:
(I know my directions may be coming soon!)

Needed (for infant size)

Ribbon: 1 1/2 to 2 yards
Tulle: 3 yards
Cardboard: a piece about x36 inches. I ask at the fabric counter for an empty bolt.
They usually have one I can have for free!

With the tulle folded in half, wrap it around the cardboard - just like you find it on the bolt at the fabric store.

slip one blade of the scissors into the center of all the layers of tulle at one of the side folds, and cut the whole way, holding the tulle onto the bolt with your other hand. Now gather all those loose sides back onto the bolt, and cut the other side.

Once you've cut your long strips, cut each in half at the folded narrow side (the other narrow side will be open, not folded.) Cut each of these strips in half.

Starting right smack in the middle of the ribbon, tie each strip of tulle in a knot around the ribbon. Alternate tying the tulle onto the ribbon on either side of the middle to make sure you get the ties at the back even. (if they don't turn out even, you can always slide the knots slightly to the longer side) If you're doing more than one color, alternate colors as desired.

Tie the ribbon into knots after the final tulle strip on both sides to prevent the tulle from slipping off.

All done!

The final blow:

The Design Piracy Prohibition Act

Basically, any fashion designer who can afford a lawyer (not I) can copyright the idea of a tutu (or any fashion design), and sue me for making them - copyright infringement.

I - and I hope others out there- will keep fighting for handmade, but I will no longer do so as a small business, but simply as a concerned citizen.

Thanks for your support.

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